Guide for Online Student Application

Alpha Consultants Online Application Information (Guide)

By completing this online application form you are giving Alpha Consultants authority to submit and represent your official application(s) to the college & universities selected within this application. Alpha Consultants applicants are not required to complete individual university applications. This single online application is the only form required to complete*. Students submitting their applications through Alpha Consultants will have full access to all our resources and support throughout the entire process making your transition overseas as seamless as possible.

Upon submission, a friendly Alpha Consultants International Student Advisor/ Consultant will be in contact guiding you through the process of supporting documents and additional information (if required)

*Note: Select programs may require supplementary application forms. In this case a Alpha Consultants International Student Advisor will be in contact to guide you through any additional forms/documents needed (if necessary).
Please don’t hesitate in contacting our Admissions Team if you have any questions.

Mandatory Supporting Documents Required:

All Applicants are required to mail the following documents to Alpha Consultants to complete their application package. Official Transcripts in a Sealed Envelope – Transcripts can be mailed to Alpha Consultants by the student or directly from the education institution. Transcripts can be arranged through your education institution’s Registrar’s Office.
Mailing address for Transcripts and other supporting documents (if necessary)

Alpha Consultants
PO Box 80047, Don Valley Village PO,
Toronto, ON, Canada

Photocopy of your Passport – Applicants are required to provide a copy of the picture page of your passport. If you do not have a passport, please contact Alpha Consultants who will guide you through the process. Students can still apply without a passport. Contact Alpha Consultants. Email is a primary source of Alpha Consultant’s communication regarding your application(s). Please adjust your email settings to allow messages from