Educational Institution/ Career College Consultancy

Educational Institution/ Career College Consultancy

Being the CEO of a private career college, you would want to ensure that your institution provides your students with a solid foundation in adult education as well as the necessary tools to prepare for their next career move.

This is important to your career college because you know that doing this will not only help your students, but will provide an incredible learning experience for your students—success in these areas is what will distinguish your educational institution from the rest. In addition to keeping programs up-to-date and meeting the educational needs of the changing economy, your career college also has the responsibility to be compliant across many mandated areas and also meet the legislated requirements to operate as a private career college in Ontario.

Hence ensuring your career college adheres to the Private Career College Act. Understanding and meeting ministry requirements can be complex, demanding of your time and a lengthy process that can delay in advertising your programs and filling classrooms. Alpha Consultants can help your career college navigate through the maze with these essential services, so that your career college can focus on what you do best—providing quality education.

The services offered by our consultants include:

1. Administrative Setup

  • Pre-Screening Application
  • New College Registration Application (Ministry)
  • New Campus Application
  • PARIS Entries
  • PARIS Deficiencies
  • PARIS System Coaching and Training
  • OSAP Application
  • CCO Registration
  • NACC Registrations

Looking to start a private career college? or an educational institute? or just need help managing your institute? We have expertise in setting up and managing educational institutes, training and establishing different departments and manage all aspects of an institution.

2. Infrastructure Development and Training of Departments

We can help you put the first blocks of your foundation right so you can build the stronger structure on it. As a result, your institute will have a steady progress. We say "Do it once Do it right!"

We can train your staff for different departments whether it is Administration, Reception, Admissions, Student placement or Instructors. In conclusion we will deal with all with whatever you need help with.

3. Admissions (Domestic or International)

We have a platform for international and domestic students, besides training for admissions we can assist in providing students for different courses. We can market your programs to gain prospective students.

  1. Domestic Student Referral
  2. International Student Registration




4. Educational Program Development

We have developed and updated different programs for educational institutes. We specialize in creating and modifying business and healthcare programs. Be unique in providing programs from other colleges & institutes. Offer knowledge and skills to your students that will help them excel in what they do, hence a successful career.

  1. Short Certification Courses
  2. Diploma Programs
  3. Bridging Programs

5. Program Applications

Want to submit proper application to Ministry, we are your solution to no hassle application process. We will work to get it approved while you focus on matter most concerning to your institution.

  1. New Programs Applications
  2. Program Changes
  3. Program Renewals

6. Third Party Assessments

As per subsection 23 (3) of the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 (the Act), approved programs offered by a PCC must provide each student with the skills and knowledge required in order to obtain employment in a prescribed vocation.

Subsection 11 (2) of Ontario Regulation 415/06 mandates, as part of the program approval process, that PCCs have their programs assessed by a third party program assessor who has expertise in the evaluation of such programs and has been approved by the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges.

7. Instructor Training & Development

Provide training to your instructors so they can be better in what they do. Find different ways to integrate students into studies, make your teachings more interactive and fun while maintaining standards of education and fulfill program objectives to enhance learning experience.

8. Marketing and Advertising

Hope that you are over the trial and error phase of marketing.

Do you know what works? Where & what to market? Need help with Marketing? Is the marketing you are doing is enough to bring you students or you feel there are things that you can do but don't have the time to manage? Whatever the case is take our help and we will work to achieve your goals.

9. Staff Recruitment and Employment

Having the right staff is crucial to any business. Find the right employees for your jobs. We are here to help let us know what you are looking for in your employees and we will match the requirements.

Full time, part time, contract or temporary. We will find the right fit for you.



10. Tax Regulations & CRA Audits

Our experienced and registered accountant will keep your bookkeeping and accounts updated for CRA and Ministry compliance. Whether its at your location or virtual. We will work alongside and are always available.

11. Reporting

Measuring and monitoring business performance is critical, but focusing on the wrong key performance indicators can be detrimental. So can be poorly structured KPIs, or KPIs that are too difficult, costly to obtain, or to monitor on a regular basis.

So what makes graduation performance indicators “key” and how should a college owner, executive or manager select them? There are six factors that separate effective, value creating KPIs from detrimental, value diminishing KPIs. The right KPIs for your business should follow these KPI best practices:

  1. Aligned - Make sure the KPIs your are choosing align with the strategic goals and objectives of your organization.
  2. Attainable - The KPIs you choose to measure should have data that can be easily obtained.
  3. Acute - KPIs should keep everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction.
  4. Accurate - The data flowing into the KPI should be reliable and accurate.
  5. Actionable - Does the KPI give you insight into the business that is actionable?
  6. Alive - Your business is always growing and changing. Your KPIs should evolve as well.

12. Ministry compliance

Coaching for Compliance, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Compliance are handled by the team.

Services also include translating the PCC Act 2005 (e.g. contracts, refund policies, etc) and school and course registrations and re-registrations, interacting with the Ministry work force for the school's benefit.

Work is also done on Student Communications for Ministry Compliance; Outline or evaluation of the Student grievance process Design or survey the school's expulsion policy and complaint process Outline or alter the Student Hand Books.

Databases are designed to give structures to student's databases to incorporate data for the transcript recovery regulation.

13. Audits

A pre-audit file review is arranged before the auditor, where we check your records to make sure that they are accurate and up to date..

  • Application Audit Review
  • Inspection Audit Review

14. Internship

Have programs with co-op or internship? Looking for businesses to supplement training of your students by providing them practical skills or training.

Increase chances for students to get hired.

If you are a student and looking for volunteer work or internship, email us and we will place you.