New Comer Settlement Services

New Comer Settlement Services

Our settlement services are offered to newcomers, immigrants, citizens and refugees, and customized programming is available to women, youth and seniors. Settlement support services include the following areas:
  1. Needs assessment and referral
  2. Information and awareness
  3. Orientation to the local environment
  4. Linkages with the community and resources
  5. Assistance with applications on settlement areas
  6. Interpretation and translation
  7. Group activities/sessions for information dissemination, social/networking support and promoting cross-cultural awareness


Areas of Support:

We provide support in accessing services in the following areas:

Immigration, citizenship, housing, health, education, employment, labour, welfare & benefits, taxation, business, transportation, recreation, and more.


Language of Service:

We will connect you with Settlement workers in other offices if we do not speak your language: English, Albanian, Cantonese, Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Malay, Mandarin, Punjabi, Urdu and all other languages with the support of interpreters

Settlement workers in schools: English, Arabic, Cantonese, Dari, Farsi, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Sindhi, Spanish, Tagalog, Ukrainian and Urdu.

Settlement workers in libraries: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi



One-to-one service – This is an individual or family based service aimed at answering enquiries, helping with interpreting and translating information and documents, providing information on community resources and facilitating client access to needed services.

  • Make an appointment by calling our office to arrange a meeting with counsellor.

Group Session - This is a group activity where information on specific topics is delivered or facilitated by qualified professionals.


Airport pick up:

Coming to Toronto, Canada for the first time?

Don't have any one to pick you from Airport?



Don't know where to stay?

we can arrange a short term accommodation or a long term accommodation before you even land.


Career Counselling:

Finding hard to settle or want to settle as quickly as possible?

How to update your Resume according to Canadian standards? We provide Resume Writing, Interview preparation services.

Belong to a profession that is regulated by specific organizations and will take you time and expensive to get back in? as us for  Second Career option. (Govt. funding to redirect your career)

Having difficulty finding a job? We can help in Job Search and will guide you how to search in specific Industries.


Canada Revenue Agency Accounts & Taxes:

Do you want to register the Business or have to file your taxes, including your world income or want to apply for Child Benefits. Let us know.



Are your documents translated?

Do you have the equivalencies for your educational documents?

Whether its a health card or your driving license we can help you with all.



Want to buy a vehicle for personal use or commercial use we have resources to get you the best deals. Contact today.


Loan & Grants:

There are lots of grants and loan options available to you from the government and private sources. Don't know which one applies to you? Book your appointment today to find out how.



We can provide your referrals for various matters including jobs. (Some conditions apply)


Financial Planning:

Our Financial consultants can help you plan your future, investments and mortgages. Ready to plan your future with us. just give us a call and we will come see you.



Children need to go to best school in your community. We will provide you with resources so you can decide what school to send your children too. What activities are available to them and how to gain them.


Children Educational Plans:

Providing a secure and bright future is the best gift that you can give to your children. We will provide you with the options so you can choose the best plan for your children. Ask for details and secure your child's future today.


Contact us and we will arrange from the minute you land till you are fully settled.




Your First Two Weeks in Canada:

To help Syrian refugees and other newcomers with their settlement in Canada, the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has released an Arabic version of their “Your First Two Weeks in Canada” video.


General & Settlement:

Programs and Services for Newcomers:

Getting Started in Ontario:

Education and Children:


Business and Working in Ontario: