Government Fees

Canadian Government Fees

The Applicant has to pay the Immigration Fees (Processing Fee and the Right of Landing Fee) when submitting the Application for Permanent Residence in Canada. Processing Fee is non-refundable and the Right of Landing Fee is refundable in case the application has been rejected.

Processing Fee
  • Principal Applicant  $ 550 CDN
  • Spouse or Secondary Applicant  $ 550 CDN
  • Dependants 22 years of age and older $ 550 CDN
  • Dependants under 22 years of age $ 150 CDN
The Right of Landing Fee (ROLF) All applicants 22 years of age and older (regardless of category) $ 500 CDN

Note: Dependent children are exempt from paying the Right of Permanent Residence fee.


Biometrics fees $ CAN:

Biometrics (per person)                                                $ 85
Biometrics (per family) (2 or more people)              $ 170
Maximum fee for a family of 2 or more people applying at the same time and place


Medical Fees

Every applicant has to have a full medical examination and all applicants over the age of 11 must also have a chest x-ray. These costs can vary enormously. Also, be aware that applicants are often told to go back for further tests. Once again you have to cover these costs. There are some occasions where the application process has been so delayed and drawn out because of background checks or other delays in approval that the medical " expires" (it is valid for one year only). If this happens you will have to pay for another set of medicals, regardless of whether the delay was your fault or not. If your application fails you obviously do not get this money back.