Study in Manitoba

Study in Manitoba

Manitoba offers international students the opportunity to access world-class education with affordable tuition fees.

Higher education in Manitoba is heavily concentrated in the provincial capital and largest city, Winnipeg, where more than half the population of Manitoba resides.

Graduating from a Manitoba educational institution provides individuals with an internationally recognized degree, diploma, or certificate and the opportunity to work and immigrate after graduation.



1.3 million


International Student Population

7,644 (2014 figures)


Main Study Destination



Studying in Manitoba: The Advantages

  • Tuition Rebates

    In addition to having some of the most affordable tuition and living costs in the country, Manitoba offers a 60% tax rebate on certain post-secondary fees to individuals who work in the province after graduation.

  • Subsidized Health Care and Education for Minor Children

    Manitoba offers one of the best insurance programs in the country, including free medical coverage for temporary residents (students and their spouses) after six months of full-time study. Individuals studying in Manitoba on a study permit with dependent children may, under certain conditions, receive subsidized public school education for their children. This may result in a saving of over $10,000 in international fees.

  • A Growing Jobs Market

    The government of Manitoba has projected that a total of 177,800 new job openings will be created in the province between 2015 and 2021, with the unemployment rate expected to decline from 5.5% to 4.9% over the same period. Personal incomes are also expected to increase by an average of 4.6% annually.

  • Low Cost of Living

    Manitoba’s low cost of living allows residents to live better for less, with housing costs among the lowest in Canada.


Immigrate After Studying in Manitoba

  • The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

    Under the Skilled Workers in Manitoba category of the MPNP, applications are accepted from qualified temporary foreign workers and international student graduates who are currently working in Manitoba and have been offered a permanent job with their Manitoba employer. Combined with the positive labour market forecast, this makes studying in Manitoba an attractive long-term option for individuals who wish to make Canada their permanent home.

  • Express Entry

    Candidates for immigration to Canada through the federal Express Entry immigration selection system who have completed their education at a school in Manitoba may be awarded a significant number of points on account of their high level of education. Moreover, international graduates of Canadian educational institutions may have obtained important Canadian work experience, another highly valued factor under the Express Entry system.


Destination Schools in Manitoba

These institutions are featured due to their size, proximity to urban centers, and tradition for enrolling international students into their student bodies.


The University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba has been ranked number one in Canada for its outstanding student services, and is renowned for enabling international students. The U of M is internationally recognized as an innovator in research and technology.

Signature programs: Actuarial science, Architecture, Engineering, Law, Pharmacy

Location: Winnipeg


The University of Winnipeg

Maclean's magazine recognizes the University of Winnipeg as one the top Canadian undergraduate schools for student satisfaction, with much of this owed to an incredible array of state-of-the-art facilities and student services.

Signature programs: Theatre and film, Kinesiology, Bio-anthropology

Location: Winnipeg


Other Select Schools in Manitoba

Select Schools are those that Alpha Consultants has assessed for quality, value, and competency with international students. These schools are accredited by Colleges and Institutes Canada (formerly the Association of Community Colleges of Canada) or are chosen because of proven pathway programs and exemplary student services.

Assiniboine Community College

Booth University College

Brandon University

Canadian Mennonite University

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology