Basic Eligibility Assessment

Basic Eligibility Assessment - Canadian Immigration

Providing information as below will help us to assess your eligibility for Canadian immigration. This is only basic eligibility to determine whether you are eligible to apply or not and if yes than most likely a class. if we require further information to process eligibility we will contact you.

*Once submitted we will process and send out an email as confirmation of submission and in 16-32 business hours we will provide you with the results, depending on the inquiries prior to yours. You can than book a consultation with one of our consultants to discuss the options that you may have.

*Please provide your answers as accurately and in detail as possible.

*Do not leave any fields blank or empty as all fields are mandatory. Write N/A or Not Applicable, if it doesn't applies to you.

*if you cant find our e-mail in your inbox, check your spam folder and mark our e-mail address and domain as Safe Senders to receive our e-mails and other communication directly in your inbox.

For any queries please e-mail us at

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