Financial Services

Financial Services

At Alpha Consultants, we know that today, good financial advice is more important than ever.

With a long-term approach to financial planning, we believe that with a detailed plan, reviewed and updated regularly, will have the financial resources to realize your goals and stay on track.

We believe that building long-term relationships with clients is the best way to help you and your family to explore the financial options that are best for you at each stage of your life.

Whatever your short or long-term financial goals – buying a home, paying for an education, living well in retirement,  planning your estate, Budgeting for your new business, financial assessments or planning what and when to spend on which part of your business first – we will work with you to develop a plan to help get you there.

At Alpha Consultants we offer a complete range of financial services, both to individuals and corporations.

We look at your short, moderate and long-term investment goals and set up your financial goals based on your unique situation. We consider that the best investment for you is one that meets your long-term goals and accounts for where you are at presently, your risk level and your unique tax situation.

There are six disciplines of financial planning that we are taking care of: education planning, investment planning, insurance planning, estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, and cash management.

What we offer:

Income Protection:
  1. Life Insurance
  2. Accident/ Sickness
  3. Critical Illness
  4. Long Term Care
  5. Health & Dental
  6. Group Insurance for Business
  1. Credit Cards
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgages
  4. Line of Credit
  5. Chequing
  6. Savings
Investments, Registered & Non-registered Plans.
  1. RRSPs - Registered Retirement Savings Plans
  2. RESPs - Registered Educational Savings Plans
  3. RDSPs - Registered Disability Savings Plans
  4. TFSAs - Tax Free Savings Accounts
  5. GICs - Guaranteed Investment Certificates
  6. RRIFs - Registered Retirement Income Funds
  7. GIFs - Guaranteed Investment Funds
  8. Individual Pension Plans
  9. Group Retirement
  10. Annuities
  11. Mutual Funds

We develop a personal financial program by helping you understand and set financial goals, taking advantage of all tax-savings opportunities, and ensuring your investments reflect your personal financial goals.
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