Diploma Customer Service

Diploma in Customer Service (CS)

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Diploma in Customer Service (CS)


31 Weeks


High-quality customer service plays a role in the success and stability of every business at every level and spanning all contemporary sectors.  Whether public, private or non-profit in nature, the service a business provides for its clients and customers will ultimately determine its reputation, position and long-term relevance.  Just as outstanding customer service can propel a business to incredible heights, lackluster customer service can shake even the largest of global brands to their very core.

This Customer Service diploma has being designed for those looking to build on an existing passion for superior service standards with professional-level competencies.  A comprehensive understanding of what any given target audience expects and how to consistently exceed expectations is one of the single most sought-after qualities at all levels of business on a global basis.

Successful completion of this diploma therefore has the potential to open limitless doors for beginning or advancing existing careers in largely any industry area, spanning private and public sectors alike.

Over the course Customer Service Diploma, candidates explore the core elements of world-class customer service including both the beneficial effects of quality customer care and the detrimental impact of poor service standards.  Essential insights on understanding and presenting the needs of customers combine with crucial theoretical teachings on customer service strategy development and associated team training and coaching.

Types of jobs available in customer service.
  • Call Center AgentDiploma Customer Service
  • Concierge
  • Client Relations Associate
  • Client Services Coordinator
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Front Desk Associate / Receptionist
  • Customer Care Supervisor
  • Service Manager
  • Customer Care Manager
  • and similar roles at different levels of the hierarchy.
These roles can be in Retail Businesses, Banking Sector, Insurance Industry, Hospitality, Travel Agencies etc.
Who should take this course?
  • Candidates interested in supervisory and managerial roles
  • Existing workers looking to improve promotion prospects
  • Any customer care workers pursuing personal improvement
  • Business owners, managers and supervisors
  • Anyone serious about a rewarding career in customer care
Course Covers:
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • English Fundamentals
  • Business Communication
  • Business Mathematics
  • Customer Service
  • Professional Selling
  • Soft Skills and First Aid & CPR
  • Practicum-120 hours

Our program includes an internship which will give you much needed hands on experience which can kick-start your career.