Express Entry draw for healthcare-occupations

IRCC holds Express Entry draw for healthcare occupations- third draw this week

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IRCC holds Express Entry draw for healthcare occupations- third draw this week

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has held its third  Express Entry draw of the week.

The department issued 3,600 invitations to apply (ITAs) in a category-based selection draw for healthcare occupations. Candidates required a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 431 to be considered.

Today’s draw follows two others this week. The first was a Provincial Nominee Program-only draw on October 24. IRCC invited 1,548 candidates with a minimum CRS of 776 to apply.

The minimum CRS score for PNP candidates is higher than average because Express Entry candidates who are also nominated by a province automatically receive an additional 600 CRS points.

The second draw was on October 25 and invited 300 candidates in a category-based selection draw for those who demonstrate French-speaking proficiency. They needed a minimum CRS score of 486 to be considered.


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Summary of Express Entry draws since June 2023

Date Draw Type Number of ITAs Minimum CRS
Dec 8 STEM occupations 5,900 481
Dec 7 French language proficiency 1,000 470
Dec 6 All-program 4,750 561
Oct 26 Healthcare occupations 3,600 431
Oct 25 French language proficiency 300 486
Oct 24 PNP-only 1,548 776
Oct 10 All-program 3,725 500
Sept 28 Agriculture and agri-food occupations 600 354
Sept 27 French language proficiency 500 472
Sept 26 All-program 3,000 504
Sept 20 Transport occupations 1,000 435
Sept 19 All-program 3,200 531
Aug 15 All-program 4,300 496
Aug 3 Trade occupations 1,500 388
Aug 2 French language proficiency 800 435
Aug 1 All-program 2,000 517
July 12 French language proficiency 3,800 375
July 11 All-program 800 505
July 7 French language proficiency 2,300 439
July 6 Healthcare occupations 1500 463
July 5 STEM occupations 500 486
July 4 All-program 700 511
June 28 Healthcare occupations 500 476
June 27 All-program 4,300 486
June 8 All-program 4,800 486


Express Entry candidates no longer require an upfront medical examination

As of October 1, this year, Express Entry candidates are no longer required to get an upfront immigrant medical examination (IME) before submitting their permanent resident application to IRCC.

An exam is still a requirement, but candidates may submit a blank document in the upload field of the Express Entry profile builder. IRCC will send further instructions regarding your medical exam later.

Those who already completed an IME as part of a different IRCC application, or are already living in Canada, do not need to complete a second IME.


What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is an application management system that oversees the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Canadian Experience Class, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Candidates in these programs are evaluated using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The system ranks candidates based on their human capital attributes such as age, language ability, work experience, occupation, and education.

Each attribute is assigned a score and when combined, all scores are totalled up to a possible maximum of 1200. Candidates rarely score this high and most minimum CRS cut-off scores range between 350-550 (sometimes higher, depending on the type of draw). The candidates with the highest scores are the most likely to receive an ITA to apply to IRCC for permanent resident status.


What is category-based selection?

Earlier this year, IRCC introduced draw categories in which the CRS score is not the biggest deciding factor in issuing ITAs. A new law passed in June 2022 gives the immigration minister the authority to invite candidates who meet an economic need in Canada or help to promote the French language outside of question.

Accordingly, last May IRCC announced six new draw categories for Express Entry candidates who had either strong French abilities or work experience in:

  • Healthcare;
  • STEM professions;
  • Trades;
  • Transport;
  • Agriculture and agri-food

So far, Canada has invited candidates through category-based selection draws 10 times since June, totaling over 10,000 ITAs. All candidates were already in the Express Entry pool.


Express Entry Draw For Healthcare-Occupations. Are you one of them?