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Internationally Educated Health Professional

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Are you an internationally educated health professional – but not registered/licensed to work in Ontario?

Learn how you can move forward with your career in Ontario, Canada. Sign up with the Alpha Consultants today.

We will ask you some questions about your previous education and experience which will help us understand how best to assist you.

If you want to register or have a quick question please send an email to or fill out the IEHP form for assessment.

4 thoughts on “Internationally Educated Health Professional

  1. Its good to hear something like this same like a ray of hope in dark night. Im an IMG and trying long time to find an easy way to get into the system. I have done MCCEE and now going register for MCCQE1 for second time. Also nowadays preparing for IELTS as well. Kindly guide accordingly as im tooo dishearted from others experiences that even after doing every exam they dont get residency or job afterwards. So instead of waiting and wasting time and money for longtimes plz tell some midway solution.

    1. I have replied to your request in the email. Please check your inbox. You can email me for details or to register as our client so we can better assist you.

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