New online portal expedites permanent residence landings

New online portal expedites permanent residence landings

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New online portal expedites permanent residence landings

The new electronic process is expediting the landing process for new permanent residents.

Canada can now confirm permanent resident status without in-person interviews through a new portal, for most cases.

The new system was implemented as part of a coronavirus measure. Canada’s immigration minister, Marco Mendicino, has said the new process has greatly reduced the time it takes to land new permanent residents.

The portal allows new permanent residents to share their personal information with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). New permanent residents can also declare that the are in Canada, confirm their address, submit a recent photo to be used to make their PR card, and get access to their proof of permanent resident status.

This portal is not for checking an application’s status, as it is separate from the IRCC secure account where applicants submit and update their information.


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Each person must have their own profile. Family members will each need their own username and password. Representatives cannot access the portal on behalf of a user.

IRCC issued invitations for applicants to test the system in October. The portal was developed by Deloitte, a multinational professional services company with headquarters in Canada.


How the portal works

Once your immigration application is approved, IRCC will send you an invitation to confirm whether or not you want to use the portal, your email address and all email addresses for each person on the application.

IRCC will then create an account for you, as you cannot create one for yourself.

After they receive your response to their invitation, they will send another email with a link to the portal and instructions on how to sign in with your username and temporary password.

Afterwards you can sign in and create your password, confirm you are in Canada, update your postal address and upload your photo.

IRCC will then review and accept the photo, you can check the portal to see if they’ve accepted it. Once they accept the photo, you should get your PR card within one week. They will send it to the mailing address in Canada that you provided in the portal.

Photos must meet IRCC requirements. They may be returned if they are too dark, if facial features are not visible or there is glare on the photo.

IRCC will contact you if there are any problems with the PR card process.