Cyber Security & Cloud Computing Program

Cyber Security & Cloud Computing Program

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Cyber Security & Cloud Computing Program

Cyber security has become a battlefield for Canadian businesses. Statistics Canada's latest findings reveal almost 20% of Canadian businesses reported cyber security breaches in 2021. The repercussions were widespread, with 16% of small, 25% of medium, and 37% of large operations reporting incidents.

Canadian companies significantly ramped up their investments in cyber security in 2021, with their total spending soaring by about $2.8 billion since 2019, reaching a high of $9.7 billion. This increase highlights the growing concern over cyber threats. Large businesses accounted for nearly half, contributing $4.4 billion. Small businesses also played a substantial role, investing $2.9 billion, while medium-sized businesses spent $2.4 billion.

These investments are more than a protective measure—it's a response to cyber incidents, which, on average, resulted in 36 hours of downtime and significant revenue losses. These figures underscore an urgent demand for adept professionals to defend our digital spaces.

Recognizing this need, Colleges proudly offers a comprehensive Cyber Security and Cloud Computing program. This Post-Graduate Diploma program prepares students for the challenges of the modern cyber landscape. Our partner college program offers a foundation in traditional computer networks, network security, cloud computing concepts, and database skills. Students emerge with hands-on expertise in cyber security, which opens doors for work in many different

As Canadian businesses fortify their defences against cyber threats, the demand for knowledgeable and skilled network professionals is rising. Connect with Alpha Consultants today to learn more about Cyber Security and Cloud Computing program and how you can contribute to a safer digital future.

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