Enrol Now for your Canadian College Admission

Enrol Now for your Canadian College Admission

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Enrol Now for your Canadian College Admission

Canada's Research and Development (R&D) sector has witnessed a remarkable surge, setting a new benchmark for innovation and progress, as revealed by recent data from Statistics Canada.

In the R&D sector, full-time equivalent (FTE) personnel experienced a significant boost, climbing by 12,230 to 276,640 in 2020. This rise represents the fourth consecutive year of growth, nearly doubling the previous year's addition of 6,600 FTEs.

Central to this growth is the significant increase in the hiring of researchers. With an addition of 9,170 FTEs, their total soared to 191,660Researchers, mostly holding advanced degrees in STEM fields, make up almost 70% of the R&D personnel in Canada. Their crucial involvement in innovative research involves developing new products, technologies, and services.
The business enterprise sector emerged as the leading employer of R&D personnel, representing approximately 65% of total R&D employment in Canada. The sector is crucial in nurturing innovation and propelling Canada's technological advancements.

Canada's stature in the international R&D landscape surpasses the OECD average and secures the third rank among G7 nations. The country's strides in R&D highlight its commitment to fostering a generation of innovative talent.

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