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International Student Recruitment and Immigration Services-Karachi

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International Student Recruitment and Immigration Services-Karachi

CEO Alpha Consultants arriving in Karachi for Canadian Immigration and International Student Admissions.

Admission in state of the art colleges registered by Ministry of Advanced Skills & Development hence higher success rate for visa approvals and jobs.

Immigration Consultants at Alpha are experienced, registered members with ICCRC thats why our success rate is extremely high.

Arranged Employment Available for General Labour (Farming & Construction workers)

No English required for Farm workers.

IELTS 4 band required for Construction workers.

Job guarantee

2 year Work permit and Chance to apply for Permanent Residence

Do you have experience in a specific field? 

Are you a Doctor, Nurse or Technician? We work with ministry to create your career path so you don't have to struggle and all objectives are streamlined so you learn faster and save time and money and get job ready faster.

Ask us for more details or To book your one on one consultation click the link below
Registration Fees: Rs 1000/-
Last date of registration: April 10, 2017

Consultation Registration – Karachi, Pakistan and Beijing, China is open now!